Before we jump into a history lesson about Ikigai Cafe, we’ll quickly introduce ourselves.


We’re Steph and Dylan, the humans behind Ikigai Cafe, and we’ve made a commitment to try to be Adelaide's first zero-waste cafe. 

Here's Steph, Dylan and Greg.

The idea to start our own cafe began in 2017 when we had just returned from the beautiful village of Hakuba, Japan. 


We’d just signed documents to buy a ski lodge but after a series of events, the sale fell through (we’ll still buy a small place in Hakuba and you can visit!).


The drive to start our own business and our experience in hospitality led us to investigate buying a coffee shop. 


By talking to the right people at the right time, we were offered tenancy in a development site at Lightsview. Of course, we accepted and our plans for Ikigai Cafe started!


Ikigai (生き甲斐) is a Japanese concept that means "a reason for being". 


Think of it as; the reason why you get up each day; your purpose; and your formula for happiness and meaning. 


ikigai oursEDITED.jpg
Ikigai - the Japanese formula for your happiness and meaning.

Over the years, we have become more aware of and embraced a healthier lifestyle.


By opening our minds, we started exploring over-consumption and began thinking: when you throw something away - there’s no ‘away’! We're just burying our waste in our home, and this just isn’t right. 


This is our reason for being - our ikigai. We believe in living consciously to help our earth, not destroy it. That's why whatever we take from the earth we put back into it by separating scraps into the chook feed, and by home and commercial composting. If you want some, flick us a message! 


We also believe in and are passionate about supporting companies who align, so where possible we work with local suppliers who share the same vision as us. 


If you believe that health is more than what you eat but also the environment that you live in - bring your reusable cup, join us for a coffee and let’s share this ikigai.