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Ikigai Cafe's Journey to Allure Restaurant

Welcome to Ikigai Cafe, a unique space in Adelaide where relaxed daytime vibes transition into sophisticated evening dining. As we continue to evolve and embrace change, we're thrilled to announce that soon, Ikigai Cafe will unveil its new identity as Allure Restaurant.

Our Foundations

Ikigai Cafe's roots are grounded in sustainability and a mindful approach to dining. Originally conceptualised by Steph and Dylan, the cafe set a benchmark for environmentally-conscious practices in Adelaide's culinary scene. Their vision laid the foundation, and as the new custodians, we respect that legacy while forging our own path forward.

From Cosy Cafe to Evening Dining

By day, Ikigai Cafe offers a chilled atmosphere, perfect for a catch-up over coffee, a light lunch, or some alone time with a book. Our daytime menu caters to those who appreciate quality and simplicity.

As the evening rolls in, the cafe transforms. Our skilled chefs, with their knack for creativity and flavour, craft dishes that elevate the dining experience. It's here that we introduce a taste of what's to come with Allure Restaurant.

The Next Step: Allure Restaurant

While Ikigai Cafe holds a special place in our hearts, and undoubtedly in the hearts of many of our patrons, we're excited about the next phase. Allure Restaurant represents our vision for the future: a place where the relaxed feel of a cafe meets the sophistication of fine dining.

Join us on this journey. Enjoy what Ikigai Cafe offers today and watch this space for the allure of tomorrow.

Our Vision

At Allure Restaurant / Ikigai Cafe, we aspire to redefine the dining landscape of Adelaide, melding the laid-back charm of a daytime cafe with the allure of gourmet evenings.


Our dream extends beyond our current walls, with hopes of sharing our unique blend of food, culture, and community across multiple locations. While the journey to expand may be filled with uncertainties, our vision remains steadfast: to celebrate culinary arts, nurture connections, and perhaps, one day, bring our distinctive experience to every corner of Adelaide.


Our Mission

  • Celebrate Culinary Excellence: To provide every guest with an exceptional dining experience, whether they're savoring our signature pizzas or indulging in a gourmet dish crafted by our talented chefs.

  • Champion Sustainability: While we are evolving, we carry forward the ethos of mindful dining. We're committed to practices that not only provide delectable dishes but also care for our environment.

  • Support and Uplift: Central to our mission is the belief in giving back and raising others as we grow. We're proud to actively support local businesses, artisans, and initiatives, ensuring that our success ripples through the community. We believe in the power of unity and the strength that emerges when we all support one another.

  • Craft Memorable Moments: Every meal, every event, every casual coffee is an opportunity to make memories. At Allure Restaurant / Ikigai Cafe, we're dedicated to making each moment count.

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