For Health Conscious People who want the best for their bodies and this Planet.

Fuelling your body with Organic Food that changes with the Seasons is how we are supposed to live. There is no room in our bodies for processed foods. The Earth needs to be Respected. We Source Organic Produce, from Farmers who Respect the Soil that grows Their Crops. For this reason, some of your favourite Fruits & Vegetables may not be available all year round.

What we take from the Earth should be put back into the Earth. We try to use Suppliers who Align with this. All our Scraps are Composted or collected for Chook Feed.

The animals used in our menu are sourced as Ethically as possible and raised on as close to a natural diet as possible. We order a whole or half at a time. For this reason, our Meat cuts are displayed on the Specials Board and change frequently.


From Mother Earth, your Body, and the Ikigai Team, Thank you!

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