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Our house bean is unmatched for its depth of flavour in both black and white coffees! A single origin bean from Sumatra that we adore.

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Dreaming of an event that seamlessly marries flavour and finesse?


At Allure Restaurant / Ikigai Cafe, we bring our culinary passion directly to your table! From diverse catering selections to bespoke function menus, we craft every dish to mirror your vision, ensuring an experience that's as delightful as it is effortless.

And guess what? Our doors remain open after hours just for you.

And for the pizza aficionados? Yes, you read right! Our beloved pizza option is available on a per-person basis for functions. Let's make your event deliciously memorable!


Call us today.
0455 440 328

Kids Corner
Wheelchair / Pram Accessibility

Please let our Staff Know Your Needs When Booking. 


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